About Us

Karibu Tulashashe Safaris – a Safari & Tour Company in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Tulashashe Safaris is not one of the big tour operator companies in Tanzania; rather it is a small company established for the purpose of serving individuals and small groups.

Tulashashe Safaris is not an old company either; but it boasts of having some most experienced persons in the tour business among her staff.

Although we specialize in budget friendly safari undertakings, we are well equipped to arrange any safari enquiry from our potential clients. Just let us know your plans and proposal.

Tulashashe Safaris is based in Arusha town, a starting point in the Northern Tanzania Tourist Circuit. The circuit includes Kilimanjaro Mountain, Arusha National Park, Mount Meru, Tarangire National Park, Manyara Natioanl Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi, among other attractions.

At Tulashashe Safaris we deal with our clients/agents directly, through email correspondence. We always explain in detail – the safari itinerary, lodges and/or camps, park fees, taxes etc and finally the costs – no hidden/concealed costs.

We always encourage our clients to enquire – even the smallest detail- so that everything is clear of any misunderstanding whatsoever before the safari starts.

Tulashashe Safaris is an informed Safari Company. We are aware of the current economic downfall in some of our major sources of tourists. With this in mind, we try our best to present all possible safari options to our clients to choose from, right from higher end down to the low cost economy safaris plans.

As stated earlier, although our safari arrangement are budget friendly – they are not necessarily the lowest in the market. We do not compromise the quality of the safari such as the cars, accommodation etc so as to reduce the costs – no. We understand that, no matter the quoted low cost of the safari – the client will always expect reasonable good service in all areas of the safari.

We would like to advise our potential clients who would like to experience the combination of thrill, real African wilderness and adventure, to go for camping safari. Tulashashe Safaris is well equipped to arrange these safaris. The camping safari will ensure less expenditure per person in a group.

To ensure budget friendly lodge and camping safari arrangement is available to many clients, we have included “join a group” in our home page. This means if you are intending to start a safari and you would like to invite other persons to join you so that eventually the costs for each person in a group will be low, just fill the form and submit or just click this link and send us the mail. All the subsequent persons wishing to join will be coordinated, eventually an agreement will be reached. The first persons will state her/his preferences if any. The preferences of the others will be coordinated accordingly.

Tanzania is endowed with an unlimited tourist attractions: Ngorongoro and Serengeti are world famous and well known – but they are heavily visited as well. There are hidden jewels in Tanzania – Katavi Natinal Park, for instance. This is a remote national Park is in West Tanzania, literally untouched, unvisited, unspoiled by mass tourism, lodges and cars. There are many more, please send us enquiries. They may be somehow costly to visit, but at least one will be unwound and completely fused with the natural surroundings – wishing to stay longer and longer – and that is the real meaning of safari/tour undertaking.

Tulashashe Safaris has more than one way of making your tour/safari a success and memorable. Apart from tour/safari arrangement, we also book flights, domestic as well as international ones. Tulashashe Safaris is the sales agent for Coastal Aviation – an Airline and Charter Company with the most extensive destination coverage in Tanzania.

When the safari plan is concluded, Tulashashe Safaris will expect some advance payment to be sent to our bank, the account detailscan be sent on request. We also accept payment by credit card – Master and Visa. This can be done on arrival or well in advance by filling the forms and faxing/scanning to us.